Latest news: Cebu Pacific Air offers now flights at night directly to Caticlan airport. Check there website for the correct departure and arrival times.

We are located at the border of Stations 2 and 3, halfway between the main road and the White beach. Nearby landmarks are the Boracay Tourist Police Headquarters and the Coastguard Office. Most international airports around the world have flights to Manila, Cebu or Kalibo. From the international terminal  transfer to the domestic airport terminal (except Kalibo airport) The domestic flights take under 1 hour.

There are 2 routes available:

Manila or Cebu to Caticlan airport, followed by a 5 minute transfer to the jetty port, and a 15 minute banca boat crossing to Boracay Island.
Manila or Cebu to Kalibo airport, followed by a 1.5 hour scenic journey through the Aklan province across Panay island via air-conditioned van or bus to Caticlan jetty port, and then a 15 minute banca boat crossing to Boracay Island. Upon arrival at Boracay Island port, there are tricycles (local mode of transportation) that could take you to Pinjalo Resort.